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Coffee & Networking

Connect with your tribe of like-minded, dynamic businesswomen over a coffee and unconventional networking.

Who are the Inspired Women
We are a community of dynamic and passionate business women on a mission. We connect – collaborate and together – succeed.

We believe that an idea grows stronger when it’s shared. So we have created a community of amazing female business owners who are on a mission, not only to really rock their biz, but also make a positive impact on the world. 

To help change the business paradigm from one of competition to one of collaboration.


We know that there are more than enough pieces of the pie to go around. We know that one person’s success is the success of all. And by supporting one another, we are a powerful force. 

We’re all about creating real life connections with amazing women in business. We catch up twice a month, and on Tuesday 5 September we're getting together over a coffee.

Why Join Us
If you'd like to connect with other Perth based dynamic business women, widen your circle of influence and build lasting friendships and business connections, then join us for this unconventional networking event.

The event starts at 10am sharp, please don't be late.
What's Included
You'll be warmly welcomed to our community and guided through a networking exercise that breaks the ice. Don't worry if you're coming alone, within minutes of the event starting you will have new connections and budding new friendships. 

This is a not-for-profit event, tickets are only $11 (including GST) + booking fee, with all funds going back into our community to support future events.

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