Attract Customers Like a Magnet

YOUR Goal: To actively and effectively recruit new prospects while retaining existing customers to your business without getting overwhelmed.


So how do you do that while juggling so many other priorities.... Its simple - get organised and stay focused....... Here are some tips for getting and staying focused!


Maintain a regular social media presence without getting side-tracked or overwhelmed. Post one to three helpful items, respond to questions, and touch base with anyone who needs help. Do this at set times throughout the day. I set a daily calendar reminder in advance for the morning and afternoon to get this done, no more than an hour each interaction is needed.

Monitor one or two key metrics in your analytics (no more!). Keep doing more of what seems to action a response, then work on improving what is not driving a response. If you continue to see little or no improvement give it a rest and try something else.


Ask for help from colleagues in business that complements yours or do joint promotions with them and make sure you help each other.

Maintain regular communication with both prospects (potential customers) and existing customers.


Connect with existing customers to make sure they are happy. (Ask: “Is there anything else I can do for you?”)

Prepare for an upcoming event, contest, or even a new product launch


Perform your own business audit to find missing opportunities that can be turned into active projects.

Ensure that you are regularly working toward building something significant, not just reacting to things as they appear – stay proactive not reactive!

Remember - You are not alone…. You have a whole tribe of women within the IWOP network with a variety of skills, backgrounds and experience ready to share and care.

Till next Thursday, STAY INSPIRED #TGIT

Author: Tamara Awudu - Proud founder/owner Purple Cow Business Consulting