SALES 101 - Warm calls vs. Cold calls, whats the difference?

So what the heck are “warm calls” as opposed to “cold calls”????

Cold calling is contacting any prospect who isn’t currently raising their hand that they need your product or service at the moment.

Warm calling refers to a sales call, visit or Email that is preceded by some sort of contact with the potential customer or prospect, such as a direct mail campaign, an introduction at a business event or a referral from some one you know.

These are the BEST types of calls…. The stronger the connection between yourself and the prospect, the warmer the call is. For example, if you meet a prospect at an event and she asks you to give her a call to set up a meeting , that would be an extremely warm call. On the other hand, if you send a letter or an email to a prospect and then follow up with a phone call, that would be more of a lukewarm call.

A prospect who has been referred to you can also qualify as a warm call, even though you haven't directly been in contact with that prospect. The fact that the referee is recommending you to the prospect creates an indirect connection between you and the prospect. The prospect may not know you, but she knows the person who referred you to her, so the referee acts as a kind of bridge.

A third type of warm call occurs when a prospect has reached out to you for more information. For example, a prospect might fill out a form on your website requesting a call in response to a social media ad you posted. These prospects are usually intrigued enough to go to the effort of reaching out to you, but they don't actually know anything about you personally. These warm leads are certainly easier to work with than cold leads, but will still need some rapport building on your part.

Truly warm calls are much easier to convert to appointments than "cold calls".

Many salespeople (like me) make it a goal to do only warm calling, since not only are warm calls more productive, they're also less likely to result in rejection. Depending on your service or product they can also be a far more professional way of introducing and or explaining what you offer.

Watch out for this….

One common mistake people make with warm calls is trying to sell to the prospect during the call. Selling should take place during your meeting, not in a brief phone call. Selling should take place either face-to-face or during a virtual meeting.

Step 1

When making a warm call, first introduce yourself and then immediately bring up your pre-existing connection with the prospect. Her response will soon tell you whether this is actually a warm call after all.

If she says she doesn't remember you or responds unenthusiastically, shift gears and treat her as a cold lead. But if she does acknowledge the connection, you can move forward with a lot of confidence.

Step 2

Give no more than 2 choices, narrow down so its easy for them to say yes. Ask for a convenient time to meet and nominate a day, give a choice of morning or afternoon, then pick 2 times for them to choose from, for example:

“I’m calling as promised to agree the best time for us to meet next week to explore some options for my services. Would Monday or Tuesday next week suit you? Morning or afternoon? 9am or 10am” etc……

Step 3

Once you have a day and time locked in then suggest a location, either at their place of work or close to it ie: a coffee shop. Once you have agreed on a location tell them you will send a calendar invitation for the date, time and location agreed. Ensure you set a reminder pop up 1 hour prior to the meet, that way no one forgets or gets lost or arrives late!

This week spend some time making warm calls and get that coin! Next week we will share tips on Objection Handling … sounds awesome, huh?! We got you!!!


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Author: Tamara Awudu, Owner/Founder Purple Cow business communications