SALES 101 - Making sales introductory (cold) calls without FEAR!

The greatest fear in most people’s hearts is usually cold calls. A good way to make cold calls more appealing is to stop thinking of them as “cold” calls. Try thinking of them as “introductory” calls instead. All you're trying to do is introduce yourself and your business to a new prospect.

Please keep in mind, phone prospecting takes longer to pay off than other types of marketing efforts, so go into it thinking you’re doing some exploring and it’s going to take some time to get results.

As mentioned in last weeks’ post, you should never make introductory calls without a plan. First, always use a targeted list of prospects when making your calls.

Next, determine the best time frames for calling.

Third, plan by preparing a basic “sales script.” Write down what you're going to say, what responses the prospect is likely to have, and how you'll reply to them. You’re not going to follow this word for word, but if you’re nervous about making calls, it helps to have something in front of you.

If making calls is painful for you, here are seven easy steps to get you on the phone fast:

1. Personalise each call by preparing mentally. Your mind-set needs to be aligned with your language, or the conversation won't flow. You need to work on developing a warm telephone voice that has that “Don’t I know you?” ring to it.

2. Perfect your phone style alone before making any calls. If you're a bit self-conscious about calling, try practicing in front a mirror. Using your phone script talk to yourself in the mirror. Do you look relaxed, are you smiling or are your facial expressions tense? Our exteriors reflect our inner selves and although its sounds funny people can “hear” you smiling. If you look like you’re in knots, your voice will sound strained as well.

3. Create familiarity all around you. Surround your workspace with family photos, framed testimonial letters, motivational quotes, or whatever gets you in a positive, confident and enthusiastic mood.

4. Use your imagination. Pretend you're a prospective customer. It’s easier to imagine you’re a customer in need of information than a salesperson trying to force your way into the customer’s time. The inquiry call is good practice because the tone of the conversation is “Can you help me?” or “I need some information.” Try to convey that same attitude when you use the phone to contact future customers.

5. Watch your tone of voice. The ideal tone is warm, businesslike, curious, and straight to the point. A good option is a question or a cut-to-the-chase statement such as “I’ve got a question. We're offering …….. [your product or service and the unique offer such as 20% of etc]

6. Make your goal a fast “50 in 150”—that is, 50 calls in 150 minutes. Three minutes per call is all you need. With so many voice-mail systems or gate keepers intercepting calls today, this should be easy. Never give people the impression you have time to chat. Chatting isn't prospecting. You’re on a mission. Get to the point, then move to the next prospect.

7. Take five after 15. After 15 calls, take a five-minute break—stretch, eat, drink some tea, turn on some tunes, and pat yourself on the back because you’re making it happen. Then grab the phone for another 15 more calls.

This week spend some making calls and next week we will share tips on “Warm calling” … sounds awesome, huh?! We got you!!!

Remember - You are not alone…. You have a whole tribe of women within the IWOP network with a variety of skills, backgrounds and experience ready to share and care.


Till next Thursday, STAY INSPIRED #TGIT


Author: Tamara Awudu, Proud founder/owner Purple Cow business communications