9 Steps for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

For women trying to find their place in today’s market, there are many powerful pieces of advice out there. Below I share just a few tips from aspiring female entrepreneurs who are ready to bring their ideas to life and build a successful company. With a great idea, the right mindset and a strong support system, any woman can be on her way to making her entrepreneurial dreams come true.

In preparing for this post I did a little research and found some tips from other female entrepreneurs that I hope will help you!

1. Find your passion
Build a business that you don’t just like, but are passionate about. When you are passionate, it shows, and your enthusiasm and belief in what you are doing translates to your customers, sparking their enthusiasm about what you are offering.

2. Keep home and work life separate
This is a tough one, especially if you work from a home office like me, BUT - It is important to set aside time for both personal and work lives, in order to give each the attention, it deserves. Set specific office hours and unless there is an emergency, stick to them. Everyone needs some "me" time to re-charge in order to perform at their best!

3. Grow your network
Building a professional network is an important part of becoming a successful entrepreneur as it opens up new opportunities for your business and allows you to gain important insight from those in your industry or other female entrepreneurs who are thriving. Becoming an effective networker is a learned skill and requires quite a bit of practice. There are many ways that you can build your network, including social media, attending networking events, joining community organisations, industry conferences and trade-shows. 

4. Find a mentor
While building your network, you want to surround yourself with people who support you in your mission to pursue your passions. Finding a mentor is an important part of this process. A quality mentor can help you navigate issues both big and small by offering advice and being there for you when you need it most. You can gain knowledge from their advice and experience by learning from their mistakes and successes. 

5. Time management
Entrepreneurs, especially those just getting started, are faced with a long to-do list to complete with limited time and resources. Work on practicing effective time management skills and learning new tips and tricks for managing your time. Make use of apps and other software that can help you better streamline processes and make the most of your limited time and resources. You have to evaluate what activities are really going to make an impact on your business and focus your time accordingly, a skill I am still mastering myself!

6. Embrace technology
Don’t let the lure of an incoming message get you off track, whether you are concentrating on a project or spending quality time with your loved ones. Let emails wait until morning or check them at certain times of the day only, allow your voicemail to take calls, and employ auto responders. Let technology work for you.

7. Stay inspired
Keep looking for ideas that inspire you to keep moving forward. A lack of experience can only be a weakness if you allow it to be one. There are many amazing ‘mompreneurs’ who don’t have a degree or specific job experience that turned out to be highly successful in their businesses. If you have enough passion for your business idea, nothing can stop you from turning it into a successful venture. Remember, you got this!!!

8. Get out and about
Going to networking events is a great way to expand your professional network, and it gives you the opportunity to speak with individuals who may be interested in your product or service. I personally have 3 clients I met through attending IWOP events just by turning up and connecting and am forever grateful. Get out there girl …. You might even have FUN

9. Ask for help
Many female entrepreneurs are determined to prove themselves, which can be a great motivator for success. But, starting your own business can be really hard work, and the most successful entrepreneurs know when to ask for help. Asking for assistance when you need it is a sign of good judgement and awareness, not a sign of weakness. 

In closing, please remember - You are not alone…. You have a whole tribe of women within the IWOP network with a variety of skills, backgrounds and experience ready to share and care. 

Author Tamara Awudu
Tamara is the proud founder of consulting business “Purple Cow” squeezing joy from life writing and editing copy for websites, sales & marketing collateral, branding and social media campaigns.