How to Create a Highly Engaged Facebook Following

Have you noticed how some people have an incredibly engaged social media following... then others just get crickets?

I had a chat with my good buddy Duke Sayer recently. Duke has a powerful Facebook following that is highly engaged with his content. In this quick interview I asked Duke what his secret was to creating such a highly engaged social media following. 

Duke outlines his top tips to connecting with your audience in a meaningful way, and how to have clients reaching out to you - desperate to work with you, without any selling. 

We're going to be featuring some powerful marketing tools and tips from Duke at the upcoming Inspired Marketing Mastermind, 19-20 May. For full details click here.

Duke Sayer is a marketer, self awareness and energy coach. He works with high level CEO’s, business owners and couples who have tried everything else and are now looking for the truth to release anything that is stopping them from reaching their goals and living a life on path.