How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Know Exactly What to do

Have you ever felt that feeling where you’ve got so much to do in your business that you literally don’t know where to start? Your head feels like it’s about to explode and you just wish you knew the best thing you could be working on that will get you ahead?

I remember that one of the biggest challenges for me when I started my business was being clear on what I needed to do and when. I had the hustle, I was working long hours and prepared to put in whatever work needed to be done. But it was like I kept spinning my wheels. No matter how much I did, I just didn’t seem to get ahead.

Then I’d feel overwhelmed, defeated and deflated. Like, I just wasn’t getting ahead and yet the more I did, the more scared I felt. What if I was spending time on the wrong thing? What if my potential clients wouldn’t like what I was building or putting out there? What would my friends and family think and say???

It would just all get too much and I would literally just have to put everything down. Stop. Breathe. And take some space to get my head together before I would jump straight back into everything.

In this video I share a super quick strategy on how you can stop feeling overwhelmed and know exactly what to do.

In the video I refer to a ‘Prioritisation List’. If you’d like to download a copy of my free Prioritisation List just fill out your details in the form below to receive instant access.


About the author: Renee Kacz is the founder of Perth’s leading women’s business community, the Inspired Women of Perth and Perth’s best women’s business marketing event, the annual Inspired Marketing Mastermind. Renee is an international public speaker and business coach. She is passionate about helping female business owners build successful and profitable businesses and draws upon her business background as a lawyer and self-made entrepreneur to help empower her clients. 

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