We are a community of dynamic and passionate business women on a mission. We connect – collaborate and together – succeed.

We believe that an idea grows stronger when it’s shared. So we have created a community of amazing female business owners who are on a mission, not only to really rock their biz, but also make a positive impact on the world.

To help change the business paradigm from one of competition to one of collaboration.

We know that there are more than enough pieces of the pie to go around. We know that one person’s success is the success of all. And by supporting one another, we are a powerful force.

Our first chapter is in Perth, Western Australia and we run regular Perth business events and Perth networking events. 

Who We Are

We are women who:

  • we either run our own business or are keen to look into how to get out of the 9-5 rat race;

  • are dynamic, motivated and keen to connect with other awesome women; and

  • we’re on a mission to powerfully make a lasting, positive impact.

Want To Get Involved?

Do you want to build your network of awesome female entrepreneurs?

Or are you looking for more boss babes to be your new besties?

If so, we’d love to get to know you.

  • In person events – we run regular business events and networking events across Perth, Western Australia. Check out the Events tab for upcoming events and join us!
  • Online – we have an active Facebook page (click here) where we encourage our members to connect, share their wins and challenges and let our members know all about their biz.

What To Expect From Our Events

Realising that traditional networking events are usually painstakingly boring, we ensure that our networking events are anything but!

We bring together our awesome tribe with unique business networking events that focus on two things:

  1. Business education – we open each event with a short presentation on a specific topic, be it mindset, a particular marketing strategy or the latest and greatest hack to rock your biz; and
  2. Networking with a twist – each event closes with easy-going mixing and mingling with our beautiful ladies where new business connections and friendships are formed.